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the film


Emine's Journey

German linguist Emine Sahingöz from Goethe University in Frankfurt is exploring the country of Georgia.

Emines’ roots are in the Caucasus, in the region of Osetia. She constantly tries to establish connections to the local caucasian cultures. Once in 2018, she was involved in a reading marathon at the Frankfurt Book Fair where Georgia was a special guest of the event.


Now she wants to see this country from a closer perspective and meet the society.

On her way, Emine meets different types of people. Her goal is to explore the connection between the values from the 12th century given in the poem and nowadays Georgian society.

The facts
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Does the Country of Georgia belong to Europe? And if yes, why it is so?

Shota Rustveli's poem demonstrates Georgian heritage about oriental and european cultural traditions. 

It can also be characterised as the peak of development of Neo-platonic thinking and a hymn of human nature, friendship, love, gender equality and struggle for freedom.

The manuscript of the poem was declared as world document heritage by UNESCO in 2013.

The mission
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The Portrait of the modern Georgian Society and his connection to the medieval poem “The Knight in the Panther's Skin”.

In the golden age of the georgian kingdom where the country was ruled by woman, values of tolerance, gender equality, and a progressive  way of thinking were dominating the Georgian culture.


The main protagonist wants to find the answer: Is it still the country of Rustaveli? Why is this poem so important to Georgians?


Emine meets tik-tokers and a literature scientist, goes clubbing, and meets medieval storytellers in the forest.

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